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Moxa, Moxa Accessories & Electric Moxa Devices
Product Code Photo Product Desc
GY5589 Super Pure Grade Moxa Stick
GY5510 Smokeless Moxa Rolls
GL5500 Incense Stick
GY5511 Slight Smoke Moxa Rolls
GY5512 Slight Smoke Moxa Rolls
GY5501 Tai I Moxi Rolls
GY5502 Nien Ying Moxi Rolls
GY5503 Pure Moxa Rolls for Mild Moxibustion
GY5595 Smokeless Incense Stick
GY5596 Stick-on Smokeless Mini Moxa
GY5597 Small Size Moxa Stick
GY5598 Smokeless Small Size Moxa Stick
GY5592 Smokeless Pure Moxa Rolls (Hollow Center)
GY5504 Pure Moxa Punk
GS5505 Pure Moxa Punk
GY5509 Moxa Punk, Superior Quality
GY5587 Pure Moxa Punk, Super Pure Fine Quality
GS5522 Sticky Mini Moxa (200 pcs.)
GY5581 Pure Moxa Stand (small)
GY5590 Pure Moxa Stand
GY5541 Soft Cold & Hot Pack
GY5539 Hot Pack
GY5540 Hot Pack, Large Size
GY5535 Kanlisa
GY5518 Warm Plaster Moxa Subsitite (Wingagao)
GL5507 Sticky Mini Moxa
GD5251 Moxa Container
GP5515 Moxa Burner
GY5513 Moxa Box
GD5255 Moxa Extinguisher, wide base with top slots
GD5250 Moxa Extinguisher, with top slots
GD5254 Moxa Extinguisher
GD5248 Tip-Safe Moxa Roll Extinguisher
GD5201 Scoop for Moxa cap
GD5221 Moxa Cap with holes
GL5258 Moxa Cap
GY5321 Model DAJ-4 Multi-purpose Electric Moxa Device
GY5323 Model DAJ-10 Multi-purpose Electric Moxa Device
GY5322 Model DAJ-8 Multi-purpose Electric Moxa Device (computerized)

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