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Sterile And Reusable Acupuncture Needles
Product Code Photo Product Desc
AY1601-AY1630 "HWA-TO" Brand Disposable Acupuntcure Needle, In thermosealed blister packing.
AY1968-AY1999 "HWA-TO" Brand Disposable Acupuntcure Needle.
AY1701-AY1724 "HWA-TO" Brand Disposable Acupuntcure Needle, Silver plated handle, with tube.
AY1401-AY1428 "HWA-TO" Brand Disposable Acupuntcure Needle, Silver lated handle, without tube.
AY1300-AY1331 "HUA-XIA" Brand Disposable Acupuncture Needle
AY1770-AY1799 "HUA-XIA" Brand Disposable Acupuncture Needle
AY8521-AY8550 "TIANXIE" Brand Disposable Acupuntcure Needle with guide tube
AY8561-AY8590 "TIANXIE" Brand Disposable Acupuntcure Needle
AL1801-AL1809 "SEIRIN" Brand Disposable Acupuncture Needle (Plastic handle with or without guide tube)
AS1350-AS1390 "CHUNG-WHA" Brand Disposable Acupuncture Needle with guide tube
AY1101-AY1180 "HWA-TO" Brand Acupuncture Needle silver handle
AY1151-AY1169 "HWA-TO" Brand Acupuncture Needle, silver sprial handle
AD1001-AD1052 "TAI-CHI" Brand Acupuncture Needle Entirely stainless steel, normal handle
AD1081-AD1083 "TAI-CHI" Brand Cosmetic Needle Stainless steel, normal handle
AL1511-AL1597 "KANAKEN" Brand Acupuncture Needle stainless steel, flat handle
AL1084-AL1089 Gold Plated Acupuncture Needle stainless steel
AS1127-AS1142 "CHUNG-WHA" Brand Disposable Acupuncture Needle Entirely stainless steel normal handle without needle-head
AS1126 "CHUNG-WHA" Brand Finger Needle
AS1181-AS1187 Gold Colour Handle Acupuncture Needle
BY2236 Acupuncture Instrument Set
BY2480 "HWA-TO" Acupuncture Needle Set
BY2538 "HWA-TO" Acupuncture Needle Set
BY2244 Acupuncture Instrument Set
BY2237 Acupuncture Instrument Set
BS2439 Ancient Nine Kinds of Needles Set
BY2530 Ancient Nine Kinds of Needles Set
BY2531 Ancient Gold Needle Set


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